Star flaps wheel

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A/O Star Shape Flaps Wheel with Shank

Description :

For Metal, wood and plastic surface polishing.
Inside Pipe polishing.

Specification :

Item No. Dimensions(mm) Availiable Grit
Packing Q'ty
VVG1Y41604 100 x 6mm 40/16 Flaps 100 SET/BOX
VVG1Y41606 60/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41608 80/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41610 100/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41612 120/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41615 150/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41618 180/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41624 240/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41632 320/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41640 400/16 Flaps
VVG1Y41660 600/16 Flaps

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