In the realm of abrasives, the HANDNET stands tall as a versatile solution catering to various industries and applications.

HANDNET, with its comprehensive range including AOEM Abrasive Net, Composite Sanding Net, Marine Sanding Mesh, Metal working Handnet, MRO Abrasive Net, Paint Preparation Net, Wood working Handnet, and more, distinguishes itself through its unique composition and design.

The abrasive net's open structure ensures efficient dust extraction, prolonging the abrasive life and contributing to a cleaner working environment. The combination of abrasive materials in its construction enhances its effectiveness across diverse materials and applications.

The HANDNET is not just a generic abrasive net; it's a precision tool designed for specific tasks. The Long-Tail Abrasive Net, Precision Abrasive Net, and Fine Paint Prep Handnet are examples of this precision engineering. Whether you are involved in metal finishing, detailed AOEM sanding, or wood crafting, HANDNET has a specialized solution for your needs.

For metal working professionals, the Metal working Handnet is a game-changer. Its adaptability to different metals and alloys, coupled with its durability, makes it an essential tool for achieving precise finishes in metal fabrication.

In MRO applications, the MRO Surface Sanding Net shines. It simplifies the sanding process during maintenance activities, ensuring a smoother and more efficient flow.

Wood workers rejoice, as HANDNET caters specifically to your needs. The Wood working Handnet and Industrial Wood Sanding Net offer optimal performance in shaping and refining wood surfaces.

In AOEM and composite industries, the Composite Sanding Net and AOEM Abrasive Net play pivotal roles. Their adaptability to different materials and their precision in sanding contribute to the high-quality standards required in these sectors.

Preparing surfaces for painting is a critical step in many industries. The Paint Preparation Net and Fine Paint Prep Handnet make this process efficient, ensuring a smooth canvas for the perfect finish.

To complement the abrasive nets, HANDNET offers a range of sanding accessories. These accessories, designed with the same commitment to quality, enhance the overall sanding experience. From customized composite mesh to detailed AOEM sanding nets, HANDNET ensures that every aspect of your sanding task is covered.

Understanding that every task is unique, HANDNET provides Customized Composite Mesh solutions. This tailoring ensures that professionals can meet specific requirements, promoting efficiency and precision in their work.

In conclusion, HANDNET stands out as a comprehensive solution for professionals across AOEM, composite, marine, metal working, MRO, paint preparation, and wood working industries. Its precision, versatility, and tailored solutions make it a reliable companion in achieving superior finishes.

AOEM,Composite, Marine, Metalworking, MRO, Paint Preparation, Woodworking
Item No. HN
Dimensions 6"(150mm), 8"(200mm)
Available Grit 500, 600, 800, 1000